Rurouni Kenshin behind the scenes ^^x | x x

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8/31 by Deco*27 ft. Hatsune Miku

Deco*27-san has uploaded another song from his Conti Album for Miku’s birthday (as he had intended for all along). I love this short but moving being and until I get around to subs you can find the lyrics here:


inaho why


inaho why

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"You’re getting on my nerves!"

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【伊東歌詞太郎】Dog Day Afternoon【歌ってみた】


Kashitaro covered RamuneP’s Dog Day Afternoon. The video is super cute too~ Please watch it
Summer songs yay!

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Nobody’s gonna live another day, huh… sounds good to me.

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Kashitarou singing Dount Hole during his namahousou!

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this isn’t an onsen CM you guys


Pokota feat. Murakami Kenji (Fruit Punch) [Doki Doki ☆ Natsu Koi Monogatari] MUSIC VIDEO
(Nico Nico Douga)

Racing Heart ☆ Summer Love Story
English translation below
Thank you for the anonymous translation requests (∩^ω^∩)

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Miyano Mamoru Foreign Language Compilation
laugh, cry, and bow before the king

[Ouran High School Host Club] Suou Tamaki: …From now on will you let me call you by your first name? Bravo! Kyouya! Mon ami! Mon ami! Yahoo! (ep. 24)

[Steins;Gate] Okabe Rintarou: Uh…hey, mister! I am mad scientist. ‘s so cool! Sonuvabitch. (ep. 15)

Ah…I am mad scientist! United States (chaos/goes?) and invade! …Oh! American joke! I’m a smart citizen. Do you understand? Do you understand? (ep. 25/OVA)

[Chihayafuru 2] Mashima Taichi: Forgive me, but your pronunciation is not correct. Maybe you can more easily speak Japanese than English— can’t you? (ep. 8)

[Free!] Matsuoka Rin: Furious all-out · All-out(x3) · Perfect body (ep. 10)

In this case, the antecedent is “the time," so the relative verb is "when.” Now is the time when I must try hard. (Free! Special - FrFr 3)

[Free! Eternal Summer] Matsuoka Rin: Kiss me(x5) · Perfect body (ep. 7)

[Tokyo Ghoul] Tsukiyama Shuu: Ravissant · Merci · Merci beaucoup · Be cool · Monsieur Savarin · Tschüss · Bon appétit · Non · …in a maestoso location, with Kaneki-kun reaching a crescendo, until at last I… fortissimo · Bonsoir, mademoiselle · I was eighteen · Très bien! · Calmato · Such an unexpected hors d’oeuvre! (full post)

PS: This is a rec post in disguise. Definitely check out Mamo in these roles if you haven’t already. Enjoy!

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Important Announcement


by Michan

[An Important Announcement to Everyone]

To tell the truth, these past few months, I’ve felt that my throat has been in bad condition, and as a result of examinations at the hospital, I have found out that I have something called a vocal cord cyst. It looks like the…

【夏コミ2014】SoraRhythm2 -クロスフェード-【そらる×スズム】


Soraru uploaded “SoraRhythm2” Crossfade!

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Mi-chan uploaded his cover of Donut Hole that will be included on his album, 7-5drowsy !

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【東シ85b】Circle of friends Vol.3  【クロスフェード】


Circle of Friends Vol. 3 Crossfade!

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